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The Market Square is a shopping Centre complex of choice located within the coastal town of Plettenberg Bay. The layout is in the form of a strip mall with a wide selection of shops and restaurants. There are two supermarkets stocked with food and fresh produce, clothing and home-ware.

Another 47 shops offer a comprehensive range of quality goods to satisfy the most discerning shopper.

Trendy clothes and apparel boutiques are complemented by shops merchandising outdoor equipment. There are outlets for jewellery both the genuine article and cosmetic, gifts galore. You will find a wide range of clothing, shoes and beachwear at the Market Square including the latest exclusive evening wear as well as the trendiest surf wear.

We have you covered with home fittings, appliances or the latest in audio-visual modules, mobile telephones and for your convenience an internet cafe, to keep you connected to loved ones.

Our financial divisions include four automated teller machines.

Feeling blue, then pay a visit to our pharmacy, our optometrist will sort your sight out, celebrate with a bottle of wine from our upmarket wine cellar, or relax on the beach with a book or two from one of our two bookshops.

Want to stay in Plett for good, visit our real estate agent, don't forget your pet's needs at our a well stocked vet shop.

There is a coffee shop and restaurant including a fast food outlet. A state of the art ladies gymnasium is fitted with the most modern equipment. The Market square has ample safe and secure parking.

Plettenberg Bay for sun, sand and surf - The Market Square for everything else.

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