200 meters off the N2, The Market Square offers you 582 free hassle free parking bays, including 9 disable parking bays and 6 designated motorcycle parking bays.

For ease of access to our upper level, housing our Dentist, Doctor, Hairdresser and Gym, customers can drive through the parking area between PEP and Ackermans up the back delivery area to the parking on the upper level, there you will find a number of shaded parking for your convenience.

Vehicles parked in our disabled parking bays without displaying the international disabled blue tag, will be clamped and a fine of R250 will

be payable to our security team,
before the vehicle will
be released.
Parking Manager's /
Company Contact Details:

Linda Le Roux
Contact Person: Linda Le Roux
Tel: +27 (0)44 533 6300
Fax: +27 (0)44 533 6301
Fines are handed
over to a charity involved with
improving the lives of disabled persons.

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WP Blood Donation dates for 2022
22 March (Tuesday)

21 April (Thursday)

17 May (Tuesday)

30 June (Thursday)

12 July (Tuesday)

25 August (Thursday)

13 September (Tuesday)

20 October (Thursday)

15 November (Tuesday)

22 December (Thursday)


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Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 8.30am - 2pm
Sunday & Holidays 9am - 1pm
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